A Look Back

Changes to our education system have been a topic of local and national debate for over thirty years. The catalyst came in 1983 when The National Commission on Excellence in Education published a report titled, “A Nation at Risk: The Imperative for Educational Reform.” The chairman of the commission wrote, “Our purpose has been to help define the problems afflicting American education and to provide solutions, not search for scapegoats.” Education reform efforts across the country are committed to this same philosophy today.

Timeline of Education Policy in Indiana

Improvements in Student Achievement

Student achievement is on the rise in Indiana. Since Governor Daniels brought education policy to the forefront in our state, educators and students have responded to increased expectations.

Indiana Student Achievement

A Vision for the Future

The progress we’ve seen in education is encouraging. Our state must continue to build on the success of recent years and look to the future. We are leading the country in education policies that give schools a roadmap for success. It is imperative to continue the implementation of these policies while looking for new ways to innovate and ensure more students exit our K-12 education system with a foundation for success and the tools necessary to provide for families of their own one day. When it comes to our children, their education can never be “good enough.”