Write a Letter to the Editor

Share your passion for education and influence public opinion on a variety of topics using one of the most powerful advocacy tools.

There are a number of print and online outlets where you can submit a letter to the editor about your school choice story. Some of these outlets will have word limits while others will invite you to take as much space as you need. Always err on the side of brevity. You should be able to tell your story in a persuasive and compelling manner in no more than 400-500 words (most newspapers ask letter writers to stick to a 250-word limit).

These tips will help you compose a letter that connects with readers:

  • Have a strong opening that clearly identifies who you are and what you want to say.
  • Keep it simple. You don’t need to tell every detail about your family or your experience. Imagine you have 30 seconds to explain what you want to say to a stranger on an elevator. Those are the facts you should include.
  • Make sure to mention why school choice is important to you.
  • If appropriate, include a call to action that directs readers to learn more information or get involved. This is particularly effective when writing blog posts where you can include hyperlinks to other websites.
  • When you submit your story, include your full name and way for the editor of the publication or website to get in touch with you. Many newspapers have a form where you can submit letters; some require you to submit this information and will call or email to verify your identity.